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1 - Micro barbed hooks.

2 -Mats and slings are provided by us please do not bring your own.

3 - Please bring your own nets they have to be bone dry on arrival.

4 - Rig tubing and safe zone leaders only.

5 - Three Rods per person.

6 - Carp care kit required. 

7 - Boilie and pellet ONLY. Pellet €55 for 20/25kilo sacks 
Boilie can be purchased if required (Mainline cell €90 for 10 kilos)

Freezer boilies only NO shelf life

8 - Bait boats allowed. 

9 - All carp above 50lb reported to a Bailff including grass carp before returned.

10 - No dogs.

11 - No fires.

12 - BBQs are permitted but have to be raised off the floor.

13 - No entry before 1pm on Saturday of arrival have to be off sight by 10am following Saturday.

14 - You can drive to your swim to unload but car must be returned to the car park.

15 - If using the onsight boat to put bait out life jackets have to be worn.

16 - No fish to be retained at any time. If fish is over 50lb leave in retainer while you wait for bailff to arrive.

17 - No braided mainline

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